Top 10 Best Cheap Olympic Weight Plates Set Reviews in 2020

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If coupled with the right diet, weightlifting is a great way of losing weight as well as toning and building the body muscles. It improves breathing, strengthens bones, and when regularly done, it will help you achieve a healthier life, generally. For those who do not have the time to go and money to pay for gym but would like to live a great active life, you can try an alternative, like choosing one of the – top 10 best cheap Olympic weight plates set reviews 2018, which you can acquire to use at home. Read on to discover.

10. Ader-Sports Fractional Olympic Plates—Four Pairs – Olympic weight

Olympic weight

There are durable weightlifting equipments that are make from solid high-quality steel. They come in 4 pairs, each one color-coded as per its weight. For instance, red plates weight 1 kg/2.2 pounds, blue plates 1.65 pounds, yellow 0.55 pounds, and green ones 1.1 pounds. They have markings to lower any confusion, and are accurate to between 0 percent and 2 per cent.

9. Premium Black-Bumper Solid Rubber Plate

Olympic weight

For the exercise enthusiast looking for quality Olympic weight plates which have been optimize for cross-fit exercises. This quality black-bumper plate set comes in handy. It has a stainless steel insert that is quite durable. They feature a solid rubber cover for minimizing injuries and damage, while their groove perfectly fits the standard Olympic bars which you can buy in the market. Those plates have pass meticulous checks by cross-fit trainers and athletes, are cover by 180 days warranty from the manufacturer.

8. IronBull Olympic Fractional Plates—set of 8 – Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic weight

Iron Bull from IronBull Strength is a great set of 8 0.5-pound weight plates which are compatible. For with any type of Olympic Weight-lifting bars. The plates are long lasting, ideal for overloading muscles progressively, and made from heavy duty steel. An accurate high precision casting is use in manufacturing the plates, while the e-coat finish is aesthetic for improving their durability and quality further.

7. Ader-Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates—Five-Pound Set

Olympic weight

This is a well built set of 8 progressive weightlifting plates from the Ader Sporting that have a combin of 5 pounds. You will get a pair of grey plates—a single plate weighing 0.25 pounds. Blue ones are 0.5 pounds a single plate, while the red and black ones weight 0.75 pounds each and 1-pound, respectively. The plates are compatible with 2 inch diameter Olympic bars, and are ling lasting.

6. CAP Barbell Gold’s Gym 50-Pound Olympic Plate Set

Olympic weight

For the heavyweight lifter who wants to enjoy a rewarding workout any time. They get to exercise in the home gym. the 50-pound Olympic plate set from CAP Barbell is an ideal choice. The set has 4 10-pound plates and 2 5-pound grip plates. Each of these plates works superbly with every standard bar. The plates are manufacture using a high-tech casting technique for minimizing split hairs, chips, as well as other imperfections which can adversely affect. Their performance with time.

5. Ader-Sporting Goods Olympic Weight-lifting Plate

Olympic weight

This is a grey-colored, machine-finished Olympic set weighing about 100 pounds. It’s make of cast-iron material that lasts. The material is also rust resistant, and is compatible with most weightlifting bars. With this authentic model sold on a reputable and trusted online store like Amazon, you will rewardingly exercise and tone the muscles on demand.

4. Troy Barbell-VTX Rubber Coated 300-Pound Olympic Weight Set

Olympic weight

In the niche of weightlifting, Troy Barbell is a well reputable company, having manufactured. So many quality weightlifting sets, weight-lifting bars, and collars in its collection. The VTX model for example, is a highly advance 300 pound set (45 pound bar and 255-pounds weights) that serves you well for a long duration. Its plates in this set are rubber-coat to provide safety. And their easy-grip holes as well as collars minimize chances of slipping.

3. One-Fit-Wonder New-Bumper Olympic Plates Set

Olympic weight

These are popular weightlifting plates for several reasons. Number one, if you are operating under strict, tight budget, they are one of the most pocket-friendly brands available. They come in 10, 15, 25, 35, and also 45-pound sets. They are quite functional and professionally design from stainless steel. For their high-density-to-size ratio, the plates’ bounce is low dead. Moreover, they are so simple to use and come covered by a 1-year warranty.

2. XMark Fitness Rubber-Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate Set

Olympic weight

These’re rubber-coated, tri-grip Olympic plate sets from Xmark Fitness high quality accessory fit either. For commercial or home use a single plate is 45 pounds heavy, fabricated from high quality cast-iron. And features innovative Tri-Grip design for easing the hand-on usage and also with bars. The recessed edged of the plates are comfortable. And their rubber-coating lowers the likelihood of injuries whenever you get to exercise or load.

1. Grey Hand-Grip Olympic Plate – Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic weight

Long lasting and accurate within 2 percent. This weightlifting plate by Body Solid is the best of the best in 2018. They’re manufacture using strong grey iron material. That is rust proof chip-resistant. And has a high-density-to-size-ratio. They feature durable baked hammer tone finish, and their innovative Quad Grip style provides ease and comfort of use.

Among the cheap Olympic weightlifting plate sets that are available o the market today. The above reviewed models deliver better than any other. From their innovative features to their compatibility with weightlifting bars. They are surely the best of the year.