Top 10 Best 2 Step Ladder in 2020 Review

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Every day we need tools, devices and appliances to get our work done. Whether at home or outside tools help us to accomplish certain task easily. So, it is important for us to have proper tools at our home. One of such is the 2 step ladder. You can easily overlook the resourcefulness of a step ladder unless you need is intense. Today’s market offers a number of options to choose from. Still, I think you should get one of the top 10 best 2 step ladders in 2018. This list will surely help you to get one for yourself.

10. VonHaus Steel Folding Portable 2 Step Ladder

Step Ladder

One of the important features you should look while purchasing a 2 step ladder is the heavy duty construction. No matter how many ladders you may have seen this one, surely has something different. Heavy-duty steel construction that can easily hold a weight of 330lbs. To prevent slipping, the steps are make wide and have gripped treads. The wide anti-slip feet offer protection and stability on a long range of floors. Compact and lightweight size takes less space for storage. Also, you can take this 2 step ladder in your car. When fully opened it measures 32.1×21.9×18.3 inches and the steps measures 7.9×11.9 inches.

9. Louisville FS1502 Fiberglass Heavy Duty Step Ladder

Step Ladder


Looking for a 2 step stool that is compact? Get this one. It has a perfect size require to be taken anywhere in and out of the house. Made with strong and heavy duty material, this 2 step ladder requires very less space for storage. Each step is protect with six large-headed steel rivets for added strength and durability. Double rivet step construction offers 30 percent more shear strength than aluminium rivets. Heavy duty and attractive fibreglass are use which is non -conductive when you use it in the clean and dry state. Sustains easily a load of up to 200lbs. Total size measures 23”/8”. Confirms to the safety standards set by ANSI (American National Standard Institutes) and OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration).

8.  Delxo Step Stool Step Ladders 2-feet

Step Ladder

This is a premium quality product from Delxo. Due to the use of heavy duty material this 2 step ladder is know for its durability and long life. Easy to open and close. It’s light and compact design need less area to store in your garage or to take it with you in your car. Approved by TUV and GS certificate for product quality and safety. The non-skid rubber safety pads with non-marring legs to avoid scratches on floors while providing stability to the user. Holds at least 225lbs weight. The overall size of this 2 step ladder is 17.5×18.5×19 inches.

7.  Step Up Heavy Duty 2-Step Ladder Stool

Step Ladder

Widely known for its heavy-duty use, this stool is compact and easy to use are some of the salient features of this ladder. Industrial quality heavy duty steel is use that is strong enough to hold at least a weight of 330 lbs. It has comfortable grip handles, wide steps and anti-slip rubber stoppers. The total size of this 2 step ladder is 19×19×31 inches. No assembly required. Just open it and use.

6. Delxo Lightweight Aluminum 2-Step Ladder

Step Ladder

This is one of the best 2 step ladders in our list. Whether it is about product quality or stability, this ladder is famous among people for quite a long time. This 2 step ladder have received TUV and GS certificate for its ultimate safety and product quality. It features space saving design and Compact and lightweight aluminium construction with extra long anti-slip rubber bottom. Designed with a large-sized platform for added stability. The total measurement of this ladder is 13.38×7.87×1.37 inches. This ladder is fully assemble and can hold a maximum load of 330 lbs.

5.  Werner T6203 3 Foot Twin Step Ladder

Step Ladder


Made with a premium quality material, this 2 step ladder is very compact in size and have an attractive look. Great for using at home or at workplace. Superior quality fibreglass material makes the ladder lightweight and perfect for professional use.The total height of this ladder is 3 feet and the base spread across 29 inches. Can sustain a maximum load of up to 300 lbs. The dimensions of this 2 step ladder are 7×38×30 inches.

4. Cosco 11- 628ABK4 Lite Solutions 2 Step Ladder

Step Ladder

This is again a great product from a famous brand in America. Cosco products are know for their great design and quality. Weighing just 5.6lbs anyone can easily take out this ladder and use it. Best for using outdoors as well. For advance security slip, resistant step threads are use. You can use this ladder on a wide variety of floorings due to the anti-marring skid resistant leg tips. The overall dimensions of this 2 step ladder are 23.6×18.5×39.4 inches.

3.  Delxo 2-Step Ladder (WK2061A-2)

Step Ladder


With comfortable and anti-slip hand grip and extra wide slip-resistant steps, this is one of the largest selling 2 step ladders. It has a metal lock that automatically locks the ladder when you open the ladder for use. This ladder holds a maximum load of 330lbs and when opened it measures 18×23.2×32.3 inches. Its extra-wide steps and heel-to-toe foot support provide extensive stability to the user.

2. Little Giant Ladder Systems 10210BA Safety Step Ladder

Step Ladder

This 2 step ladder is ideal for at home, in commercial and industrial applications. Featuring a unique design that imitates the normal stairs lets you use them comfortably. It has a safety bar for add security and this ladder can be use even by elderly people. A compact design and sturdy construction and a capacity to hold a maximum load of 300 lbs make this ladder the first choice of many people.

1. Gorilla Ladders 2-Step Aluminum Ultra-Light Step Stool Ladder

Step Ladder

Our list of top 10 best 2 step ladder in 2018 includes this ultra comfortable aluminium ladder which is know for its lightweight construction. Weighing less than 6lbs this ladder is easy to use and transport, especially a great option for elderly people. A huge platform is provided for stable and secured standing. The safe locking safety latch offers safe climbing and the handle is design to handsome tools. All over, this 2 step ladder measures 41.5×18.875×3.5 inches.

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