Top 10 Best Adults Bike Helmets in 2019 Reviews

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Bike riding is one of the most favorite sports among many. It is also a type of exercise, and it brings fun especially if you ride as a group. It is, however, necessary for cyclist to wear appropriate gear for protection to ensure that in case of accidents, they still will be safe. Bike helmets are such great gear, for the head is very delicate and needs proper protection against injuries—just in case you fall. What’s more, you can get quality bike helmets at affordable prices. And owing to the many models on the market which may confuse you when choosing, this article singles out the – top 10 best adults bike helmets to buy. Read on to discover.

10. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet

Adults Bike Helmets

This is a high quality bike helmet for adults on the market. It features a great and quite attractive design, making it a perfect fit to your head. The helmet is made to greatly protect the head very well in the case you make a mishap. It has flow vents to allow ample aeration to keep you comfortable, out of sweat.

9. The Foray Adult Bike Helmet by Giro – Adults Bike Helmets

Adults Bike Helmets

This is another top performance helmet fit for high performance mountain and road biking. It features hard reinforcements and extra-padded foam lining for protecting you against high impacts and crashes. Its effective multi-fit adjustment feature makes it simple and even so intuitive to fit this helmet perfectly to the size of your head.

8. Giro Revel Adults Bike Helmets

Adults Bike Helmets

Also from Giro, this is also an extremely popular product. It has constantly been receiving positive reviews from its users. Its a very good design trusted by the users. It has been built carefully incorporating awesome features, among them the adjustable dial fit system, vents, and also impact foam, al giving you a more comfortable fit, and ensuring ample aeration to keep you cool.

7. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

Adults Bike Helmets

Like the name suggests, this is a quality adult bike helmet with a smart design great for skating and biking both. On safety, it meets the standards of US CPSC quite sufficiently, giving you a lot of confidence of protection. Moreover, its eleven vents plus the awesome DECOLLECTOR technology keep you cool, well aerated.

6. Schwinn Women’s Thrasher Helmet, Pink/Purple

Adults Bike Helmets

Elegantly made with a smart adjustment system to ensure a perfect fit to various head sizes, this is a very attractive adult bike helmet featuring 20 vents to allow great airflow. It looks just great and offers complete protection to the biker’s head, while providing interestingly great comfort and convenience.

5. Giro Trinity Adults Bike Helmets

Adults Bike Helmets

At number 5 is this great helmet model of outstanding design, also by Giro. The Giro Trinity Helmet is a more round design shape instead of being oval. Among its special features are air vents, impact foams, as well as a polycarbonate material as its shell cover. It is a really comfortable and protective gear for bikers.

4. Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet

Adults Bike Helmets

Another one from Schwinn, this helmet features many different design parts, making it one of the most popular and best quality helmets for bikers available. It features 20 vents for airflow and also a sealed pad, proving both comfort and durability. Moreover, for all its great features, it is still an affordable model.

3. Bell Solar Adults Bike Helmets

Adults Bike Helmets

Designed with great compatibility with the safety standards of the US, this Bell Solar Bike Helmet is certain to function and provide great protection for you. A lightweight at just 252 grams, it features 23 vents for allowing ample air in and out, ensuring users feel comfortable throughout their long ride. Moreover, its micro-shell cover further contributes in making its overall design excellently nice.

2. Giro Verona Bike Helmet White/Silver Modernist Women’s

Adults Bike Helmets

With a very stylish design, this helmet comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Again, many great and quality features are integrated into this helmet to offer high protection and comfort. It is a full cover over your head and still perfectly fits your head size. It is specially made for women.

1. Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Adults Bike Helmets

For its high quality and awesome design, this is one very best adult bike helmet on the market today. Its of superior quality and offers interesting durability. It features ventilation system to ensure great airflow for a comfortable wear. It provides both great protection and comfort for the bikers.

The above reviewed models are the – top 10 best adults bike helmets you can find on the market today. None among them can disappoint, with each one made with high quality and superb protection features to make the best consideration. Each option of the above is a great purchase.