Top 10 Best Aerobic Steppers in 2019 Reviews

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Aerobic step is a very versatile tool which is use for a range of both low and high intensity workouts. However, not every aerobic step is of high quality to help your performance. As such, this article highlights the – top 10 best aerobic steppers to help you discover and buy only the best. Read on.

10. ZoN Pink Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

This aerobic step is adjustable from 4 to 6 inches and can easily support up to nearly 300 pounds. If not being use, the risers are easy to store in a compartment featured underneath the step. For a simple and short step, it does its job excellently.

9. Tone Fitness Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

This is an affordable aerobic stepper that is proper for starters and does exactly what it is meant for. It can be adjust at 2 height levels—4 inches and 6 inches. It is an amazing stepper for simple step-ups, as well as pushups and planks. The rises snap-on, meaning they do not come off easily. They are however firmly built.

8. Stamina Aerobic Step – Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers


This is a 2-level aerobic step with a PVC build and a well textured non-slip top. Although not as wide as the steps used in health clubs are, its stepping surface is wider than most home equipment. It has a very durable and sturdy construction. An affordable model, it also comes with a bonus—a workout DVD and guide.

7. The Step F1053 Home Trainer – Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

Ideal for offices and apartments, this is a great home training step that is compact and quite portable. It is very durable and comfortable to use thanks to its safe non-slip surface. It can support as much as 200 pounds and features 2 adjustable heights—4 and 6 inches. A smaller step, it may take some time to get use to it especially if you use to use larger gym-sized ones. It is however quite reliable.

6. Soozier 30″ Aerobic Step – Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

Very few aerobic steps can go as high as this Soozier 30-inch for such affordable price tag. It can be adjusted up to 4, 6 and 8 inches, providing the users a little bit extra height. It is an ideal pick for general exercise or home therapy. However, it is not so large for more serious aerobics with a lot of jumping, moving around.

5. The Step F1180 Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

This is a light weight step that can be instantly adjust up to 12 inches high. Its stepping surface is short but extra wide with the top having excellent grip. You are advised not to step on the sides but center, since stepping on the sides may make it tilt. However, no customer has thrown stale words on this stepper.

4. The Step F1004 Step Workout System – Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

For its solid and high-grade plastic construction and 3 easy to adjust weights, this is a great aerobic step. Same as others from the same brand, it has a patented design for easily adjusting as well as stacking the platforms together. Its build ids durable that is great for high intensity and active workouts. It is, however, a small aerobic step—not as the gym based large ones. It is sold with a great workout DVD that features aerobics instructor, Cathe Friedrich.

3. The Step F1005 Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers


The Step F1005 is durably strong and great looking aerobic step. Its long and its feet do not ark your floor and are non-slip. It has adjustable height and its risers can be bought if need be. Its sold with a great training DVD that goes beyond beginner workouts and provides you with more good workouts. It is a gym-quality stepper that comfortably supports up to 300-pounds.

2. 36″ Fitness Platform Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers

Not many models of aerobic steps are light, wide, easy to carry/store, extra high, and inexpensive. Meeting such qualities, this step is one rare gem. It has a solid build with an easy to adjust height of 6, 8, and 10 inches. It’s larger than majority home trainers, which makes it easy to use. However, do not step on the side, for it may tilt. Step on the middle.

1. Original Health Club Step – Aerobic Steppers

Aerobic Steppers


This is a large and wide gym-quality step that is make of premium quality Polyethylene. It has a slip proof and durable design which is built to last. You can adjust it to 4, 6, and 8 inches high, with the option of adding more stackers for making it higher. It has the design that absorbs most of the shock you generate as you move, while staying sturdy and quite supportive of up to 275 pounds. Its one very perfect choice of an aerobic step you can find.

It is worth noting that the best aerobic stepper much depends on individuals training needs. However, no matter what your needs are, do not forget to consider size, height, and sturdiness when choosing. The above highlighted – top 10 best aerobic steppers feature most of the qualities a best model should have.