Top 10 Best Arc Welders Review in 2020

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An arc welder is a great tool for building and repair works around the house. Generally an arc welder converts normal power in your home to the voltage required for welding. A good arc welder will get the welding job done right and serve you well for years. Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Arc Welders of 2018.

10. Everlast PowerArc 140 – Arc Welders

Arc Welders

Everlast is a leading brand well known for quality equipment. This arc welder just like other Everlast products is design to deliver excellent results and stand the test of time. It comes with a digital display that make adjusting and reading the settings easy. The welder also comes with a variety of power receptacle adapters and a 6010 port designed for enhanced stability. Even better, the arc welder is compact and light weight and is perfect for home use.

9. Silverline 466888 Arc Welders

Arc Welders

Advanced technology is used when making this arc welder in a bid to ensure that users get the expecte outcome and the welder stays in perfect condition. The Silverline arc welder is compact, highly portable, and very efficient. The welder comes with a kit consisting of an earth cable, chipping hammer, and a welding mask.

8. Hot Max 100 100Amp Arc Welders

Arc Welders

This is a lightweight welder that is perfect for most welding jobs around the house. The welder runs on normal 120 volts single phase power though one can also use car converters to power the welder. The welder is made using high quality materials and can run and perform efficiently for hours.

7. Lincoln Electric Arc Welders

Arc Welders

This is another compact arc welder that is perfect for minor repairs. The welder comes with four voltage settings that can be adjust depending on the job at hand. You also get all the parts require for welding including a clamp, cable, gas regulator, contact tips and a hand shield. Definitely a great pick for both seasoned and novice welders.

6. Pro-Series PS17572 Arc Welders

Arc Welders

This is a general purpose welder that is easy to use and maintain and is perfect for beginners. It is also affordable and perfect for welding mild steel appliances. The welder comes with a cable, a helmet, and a clipping harmer.

5. Sealey 160A Arc Welders

Arc Welders

This is a high quality product from one of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment. The welder comes with an accessory kit, a chipping hammer, and high quality cables. The welder has an inbuilt cooling system which works to safeguard the welder and ensure optimal performance.

4. Pitbull Ultra 100 Arc Welders

Arc Welders

Light, compact, and efficient, this best describes this Pitbull welder. The welder operates on single phase 110 volts power so you do not need to worry about sourcing for another power supply. The welder can weld metals up to a quarter an inch thick which makes it ideal for most household projects.

3. Stanley 41118U 100-Amp Arc Welders

Arc Welders

This is one of the most affordable arc welders in the market. With this welder you can either use the household power or car inverters. Even better, all parts are make to the highest standard and the welder can run continually for hours without compromising the welder’s quality.

2. EVERLAST PowerArc 200

Arc Welders

This is a simple yet powerful arc welder. The welder comes with a 6010 port, different power receptacle adapters, and a digital display. The welder is able to deliver precise current which is essential in ensuring perfect welding.

1. LONGEVITY 140 Arc Welders

Arc Welders

This is a highly-portable welder that can be use for all kinds of repair works. The welder comes with a dual voltage capacity and a digital display which makes reading amp settings easy. The welder is able to deliver a powerful output and weld relatively thick metals.

If you are shopping for a high-performance and quality arc welder now you know where to start. Any of the welders in the above list of top 10 best arc welders of 2018 will serve you well and deliver perfect results. Look at all the features that each welder comes with. You can then settle for the one you feel meets most if not all your requirements and also fall within your budget.