Top 10 Best Crimpers in 2020 Review

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Electrical issues are common and while some require professional attention, there are some that you can repair at the comfort of your own home. Where wires are broken and the best option is to crimp the wires back together you need to have the right tool to get the job done. Below we look at the top 10 best crimpers of 2018 and look at some of the features that make each of these crimpers an ideal choice.

10. Beadalon Standard Crimp Tool



This is an easy-to-use tool that will still leave you with professional looking crimps at the end of the day. The handles are design to ensure a firm grip, the crimp beads and tubes are design to ensure a strong crimp with minimal if any effort and the overall construction guarantees durability and optimal performance.

9. S&G 18900 Ratcheting Terminal Crimper



This is a perfect tool if you want to replace worn-out terminals. The crimper can crimp any 10-22 gauge wire. The ratcheting action is design to guarantee consistent crimps. From the design to the construction, this is a perfect tool and one of the best performing and durable crimpers in the market.

8. IRWIN Tools 10-Inch VISE-GRIP Crimper



This crimper is ideal for crimping both insulated and non-insulated 10-22 AWG wires. Apart from crimping, this tool can also be used for cutting wires. The yellow and blue handles are very comfortable and make it easy to locate the crimper even in the dark.

7. Klein Tools VDV-226-011 Modular Ratcheting Crimper



This crimper comes with a full-cycle ratcheting designed to ensure that the connector is only released when fully compressed. The handles are built with the user in mind and are coated for maximum comfort. Definitely, a great choice if you want a fast, reliable, and high-performing crimper.

6. Neiko 50413a Set with Crimpers


This is a complete set that comes with all the tools you need for solder-less electrical repairs. In the set is a sturdy crimper designed for perfect crimping. This crimper comes with PVC coated handles that ensure a firm grip when the crimper is in use.

5. Forney 57637 Lug Crimping Tool


This is a great crimper that will work if you are looking for an upgrade from the ordinary crimpers in the market. This hammer type crimping tool is spring loaded and works perfectly when it comes to cramping on flat surfaces.

4. Channellock 909 Crimping Tool


This crimper comes with an inbuilt cutter which means that it cuts and crimps at the same time. The tool can crimp both insulated and non-insulated terminals and connections. The crimper comes with an electronic coating which make it rust resistant and laser edges that are heat treate to ensure durability and optimal performance.

3. Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool


This crimping tool is ratchet which ensures consistent and uniform crimps. The die head is designe to give 360 degrees support and the tool comes with a laser marked inbuilt striper perfect for flat and round cable. Generally, a high-quality crimping tool that will leave you with professional looking crimps at the end of the day.

2. GB 8 Inch Crimping Electrical Pliers


This top-rated crimping tool comes with a cutting end and a tapered nose that make it easy to cut in tight locations. The tool is make of steel and is one of those devices you can use every day and they will show minimum if any wear and tear over the years. The pliers come with two crimping jaws and 2 crushing jaws designed to finish off the job and produce perfect crimps.

1. Titan Tools Ratcheting


This crimper will deliver very solid crimping with minimal effort on your part. Everything from its construction to the soft handles guarantees that this is a premium product. The crimper comes with strong steel replaceable jaws, adjustable crimping compression, and a ratcheting mechanism design.

From the above list of top 10 best crimpers of 2018, it is evident that there is a perfect crimper or crimping set for everyone. All the above crimpers are try and testing so you have nothing to worry as far as performance and quality are concern.