Top 10 Best Dog Clippers Review in 2020

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Dog clippers are for you if you like to keep your pets well-trimmed and groomed without having to take them to professional dog groomers. When shopping for a dog clipper you need to ensure that the product you take home will get the job done and is a worthy investment. This can prove to be quite a task given there are numerous options available and every manufacturer promises that theirs is a perfect product. Below we discuss the top 10 best dog clippers of 2018. These clippers have been tried and tested and have been proven to be efficient, durable, and worth every penny.

10. Oneisall Cordless Pet Grooming Clipper Kit – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This is a rechargeable clipper with a good inbuilt battery and a high-quality blade. The clipper has 5 functions that can be adjusted, 4 guide combs, and a powerful motor. This is a low vibration clipper that works great and comes in a great design.

9. Oster A5 – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This is a heavy duty clipper design for professional use. The w/10 blade is built for maximum performance while the 2-speed motor ensures that the clipper delivers just the right amount of power. This clipper comes as a set with adequate parts designed to ensure that the clipper does its intended job well and also stays in perfect condition.

8. Wahl Professional 9482-400 10-piece grooming kit – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

Wahl is a recognized brand known for its quality grooming products. This clipper kit is not any different. The kit comes with 10 pieces designed for good clipping, perfect grooming, and maximum pet care.

7. Andis ProClip Animal Grooming Clipper – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This clipper is equipped with a 2-speed motor that guarantees optimal performance. The clipper works for all coats and pet breeds. It comes with a 14-inch cord that makes it easy to use around different animals.

6. Wahl Pet Pro-Series 9590-210 Home Clipper Kit – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

Yet another great product made by Wahl. The kit comes as a complete set consisting of a clipper, scissors, blade guard, oil, comb, recharging unit, cleaning brush and a storage case. It is generally a high-quality product that comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

5. Maxshop Cordless Low Noise Electric Clippers Kit – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This is a relatively new entrant in the clippers field but it is already creating quite a stir in the market. It comes in a great and modern design, comes with high-quality titanium blade and is light in weight. The fact that it is reachable and cordless means it convenient to use even when you do not have a power supply close by. It is generally a high-performance clippers kit that works perfectly and comes in a great design.

4. Wahl Home PetPro 9281-210 Pet Grooming Kit – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This is yet another innovative Wahl product. Unlike the professional kit this home kit comes with reduced power. It is, however, perfect for home use and comes with a number of parts that include the clipper, brush, styling comb, blade guard, and an instructional DVD. All parts are designed to last and the clipper kit comes with a 5-year warranty.

3. Andis EasyClip 7-Piece Clipper – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This is a blade clipper set that comes with 7 parts designed to make pet clipping and general grooming easy. The blade is detachable so it is easy to change blades when clipping animals with different coats. Even better the clipper comes with 4 attachment combs and a high-quality ceramic blade.

2. Oster Class 2 Speed Turbo Animal Clipper – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers


This clipper works great for dogs, horses, and cats. The clipper comes with a detachable blade and a powerful 2-speed motor. Its can be use for thick to fine coat making it highly versatile. And ideal for people with more than one pet. The clipper works fast and is make to the highest quality to ensure durability.

1. Wahl Professional U-Clip Grooming Kit – Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers

This grooming kit comes with a clipper that is perfect for full body clipping, trimming, and touch-ups. The clipper works great for fine and medium coat dogs so you do not have to worry about getting another clipper if you have several dogs in any of the above two categories. With a patented motor for maximum performance and a high-quality adjustable blade, this is definitely one of the best clippers you can find on the market today.

These are the top 10 best dog clippers of 2018. Go through them all, look at all the features, and go for the option you think is ideal for your dog. All the clippers are of good quality and will serve you right as long as you use them the right way.