Top 10 Best Electronic Dartboards in 2020 Review

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Are you a dartboard enthusiast? Are dartboards your secret passion or something that you like to play in your spare time? Whatever be the reason, choosing an electronic dartboards can be a tricky task. Especially when there is a plethora of them available in the market. Several things must be check when you are earnestly thinking of investing in one of the many kinds of electronic dartboards. You can choose from a wide selection of them, and most of them even have cool features like keeping a record of the scores and statistics on an LED or LCD screen. Choosing the right electronic dartboard also depends on a person’s personal preferences in terms of color, specifications or if someone is bias towards a specific brand or product. This article is going to help you choose the right one from the top 10 best electronic dartboards in 2020 !

10. Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard – Electronic Dartboards

Electronic Dartboards

This electronic dartboard comes in 2 forms – as a dartboard and as a bundle (dartboard and laser line). This electronic dartboard is design to be exceptionally durable and reduce the number of bounce outs. This dramatically maximizes the scores and efficiency. It consists of a bright LCD that gives a clear and crisp view of the statistics and scoring too.

9. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboards

Electronic Dartboards

Arachnid is renown for its exceptional quality. When it comes to electronic dartboards, and this one is no different. This dartboard has the quality of tournament electronic dartboards and is recommended for anyone who is 12 and older. It is highly durable with high play ability due to the Nylon Tough segments. In addition to that, there is a dramatic cut down in bounce-outs due to the presence of micro-thin segment dividers. It has an LED screen which makes it super clear and visible too.

8. Viper by GLD Products Steel Tip Dartboard – Electronic Dartboards

Electronic Dartboards

This dartboard by Viper is undoubtedly the most popular dartboard you will ever see and with reason. It comes with a staple-free spider. And what’s more, it is super affordable and budget-friendly. The Viper Steel Tip Dartboard accommodates both soft tip and steel tip darts which is quite flexible in addition to mounting hardware. It also comes with a movable number ring which aids in significantly increasing the life of this dartboard.

7. Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboards

Electronic Dartboards

Franklin has been in the electronic dartboard market scene and is renown for its quality products and even better service. It has good customer reviews and ratings owing to its high-quality and up to 176 game variations. The electronic dartboard comes with a power adaptor and 6 replacement tips. It also has an easy hanging process which makes it easy to set up and mount with a matter of seconds.

6. Blueshooter by Arachnid Volt Electronic Dart – Electronic Dartboards

Electronic Dartboards

Arachnid is back on the list with an electronic dartboard that is a definite value for money. It is super affordable and made up of 100% plastic. It has an LCD with 8 players scoring and 21 games with 65 variations. In addition to that, it has the renown name of Arachnid attached to it which is popular all across the globe for its gaming products, quality, and affordable prices. A sure shot good buy!

5. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboards with Cabinet

Electronic Dartboards

Fat Cat Electronx has brought out this soft tip dartboard that comes with a cabinet. It is super sleek and sexy to look at. At the same time, the black color just adds a layer of sophistication to the entire dartboard. The control panel is effortless to read, and the front display comes in LCD. You also get built-in slots in the cabinet doors for added storage. What’s best is that it comes with a 1-year warranty so that if you ever experience any sort of issues with the product or its functioning, you can get it replace or get a full refund. How cool is that!

4. WINMAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Power Adaptor, Free 6 Darts and Set LCD Display

Electronic Dartboards

This electronic soft tip dartboard comes with 21 exciting games that have 65 variations. It has an LCD display and an ultra-thin spider with a wide catch ring. It can accommodate anywhere between 1-8 players. The voice announcer or sound effect adds another layer of excitement to this electronic dartboard. You get 6 free darts, a power adaptor and 40 tips with this electronic dartboard.

3. Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard with LCD Display

Electronic Dartboards

Have you been looking for a reliable and long-lasting electronic dartboard. All this while that is also value for money? Well, your search ends right here. Because, Best Choice Electronic offers all the feature. That you can possibly want in one! With 12 darts, and LCD screen and 27 different games, this dartboard is bound to impress!

2. Viper Neptune Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Including a Cabinet

Electronic Dartboards

Viper is here again with the amazing Neptune Soft Tip Dartboard that has garnered many positive reviews and feedback from users. Despite all the things that you might expect from a good electronic dartboard, Neptune also provides an external power supply adapterf21 that completely eliminates the requirement to use batteries.

1. Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Dartboards

Electronic Dartboards

The last on this list is also one of the most impressive. It is manufacture in China and contains dart holders, an LCD screen for clear view and statistics and a tournament style dartboard. Past users have been found to be very happy with the usage and specifications of the electronic dartboard. A definite winner!

This article is meant to help all. You buyers who have been feeling daunted with the idea of buying the perfect electronic dartboard. Well, worry no more. Because you can choose any one of the electronic dartboard from this list and you’re set!

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