Top 10 Best Foot Rests in 2020 Reviews

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A footrest plays a vital role in ergonomically designed desks and computer workstations. Along with the computer screen, keyboard and chair adjust to fit the individual, a footrest provides support for feet that dangle after all the other adjustments are make. Also, a footrest supports your body to help it achieve the correct angle between the upper body and your thighs when sitting. Anyway, as there is a variety of foot rests going on sale nowadays, we are here to cover the top ten best foot rests for your choice; consequently, you should grab the right one with no hesitation and dissatisfaction.

10. Fellowes Standard Footrest – Foot Rests

Foot Rests

Fellowes Standard Footrest is design to make sitting at the desk more and more comfortable. This high quality standard footrest provides dual-position height adjustment with a free-floating platform for improved comfort, posture, and ergonomics. Plus, with this, it allows you to stretch your legs for increased circulation and offers a textured surface that massages the soles of your feet for stress reduction while you work. Also, it is finished in an unobtrusive graphite color that blends nicely into your workstation.

9. Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest – Foot Rests

Foot Rests

Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest comes with luxurious memory foam soothes tired legs and feet. This full-featured footrest steps up with greater leg, back, and foot comfort. With a flick of the foot-operated lock, the angle can be adjuste to the perfect angle for all-day back and leg comfort. Furthermore, with convenient foot pedal control. It allows you to adjust the footrest without leaving your chair. This product can be install quickly and easily by using the SmartFit System and your own personal comfort color. I would recommend this to a friend without hesitation.

8. Footrest Adjustable Fold-A- Way Tapestry – Foot Rests

Foot Rests

Footrest Adjustable Fold-A- Way Tapestry is a very and durable comfortable foot rest. With adjust-A- height footrest, it converts any chair into a relaxation station where you can comfortably elevate your legs while you read, play video game, watch TV or take a nap. And the foam-filled, decorative tapestry cushion helps absorb the built-up tension in your legs, feet and lower back. Furthermore, the accordion style wooden walnut frame opens for use or folds flat for storage. Features locking casters for sturdy support and easy rolling, this Footrest Adjustable Fold-A- Way Tapestry is also ideal for travel!

7. InteVision Foot Cushion with High Quality, Non-Slip Nylon Cover – Foot Rests

Foot Rests

InteVision Foot Cushion with High Quality, Non-Slip Nylon Cover is design in such a way that it allows you to prop up your feet at the most desirable sitting position. Since the InteVision Foot Cushion is firm enough, it is able to provide the support you need while being comfortable on your feet. Also, it is light enough so that you can move around with your feet to adjust to different positions. Additionally, this new and improve version includes a high quality nylon cover coated with a non-slip silicone layer at the bottom of the cushion to prevent it from sliding even on polished marble floors.

6. 3M Adjustable Foot Rest, 22-inch Wide Slip-Resistant Platform

Foot Rests

3M Adjustable Foot Rest, 22-inch Wide Slip-Resistant Platform is a pretty well-built unit which is entirely made of steel. With this 3M Adjustable Foot Rest, it helps reduce strain and fatigue on legs, back, and neck. Moreover, it provides easy foot-controlled platform tilt adjustment and sturdy steel construction. Plus, the extra-wide 22 inch platform offers ample space for both feet. Also, the independently adjustable height and angle help you maximize proper body alignment and comfort. Additionally, the heavy-duty steel construction adds for extra stability and the 3M safety walk slip-resistant surface helps keep feet from sliding.

5. Fellowes Energizer Foot Support (8068001) – Foot Rests

Foot Rests

With this Energizer, it elevates feet and legs to help relieve lower back pressure and improve posture. And free-floating platform allows for intuitive rocking motion to help promote lower leg movement. Also, scissor motion height adjustment helps provide three platform height settings, including 4 inch, 5-1/4 inch and 6-1/2 inch and up to 25°tilt. This Fellowes Energizer Foot Support is typically design and manufactured to offer superior quality, usefulness, and value. This one always works to keep you comfortable every time you are in need!

4. Kantek Premium Adjustable Foot Rest

Foot Rests

Featuring an ergonomic design. This Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest powerfully works to support your legs at the most comfortable height and tilt, while massaging your tired feet. With a three-position height adjustment from 4 to 6.5 inches, it allows you to find the height that's just right for you. Also, a simple foot action adjusts tilt smoothly and quietly while platform rollers. And surface bumps massage feet and improve circulation. This footrest is excellent, especially for shorter folks whose desk chair has to be so high. That their legs dangle if they want to be able to type comfortably.

3. BlueCosto Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest

Foot Rests

BlueCosto Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest is one of the most clever and useful take-along tools. There is nothing to put together and nothing to inflate. All you have to do is slip the adjustable straps over the back of the seat in front of you, adjust them to the height. That you want your feet to be, and lift up your feet and put them in the footrest. This BlueCosto Portable Footrest is very well make with padded rest and adjustable strap. And can be machine wash and has a nice travel bag include with it. So you can easily take with you.

2. 5124 Task Master Height Adjustable Standing Ergonomic Work Foot Rest

Foot Rests

5124 Task Master Height Adjustable Standing Ergonomic Work. For foot rest is make from heavy-gauge steel for ultimate durability, stability and strength. So that it is an ideal option for workers who stand all day with little ergonomic support. With its easy height adjustment capabilities, this steel standing work footrest is perfect for warehouses, backrooms and other industrial-type settings. Also, the black powder coat finish gives the task master durability to help prevent scratches, allowing. It to also be use in front office applications such as: work stations, private offices, meeting areas. And any other space where standing desks are use.

1. Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest

Foot Rests

With the Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest. It helps increase leg and back comfort while sitting at your desk. And with a three-position height adjustment from 4 to 6 inches, it lets you find the height that's just right for you. Also, a foot-adjustable easy-glide platform rocks your feet and adjusts tilt angle smoothly and quietly. Additionally, the large platform has surface bumps that massage and soothe your tired feet while you work. Overall, it serves its purpose to keep your feet elevated comfortably.

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