Top 10 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases Review 2020

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases are the latest and most powerful phone of the Apple brand with its superior technology and sophisticated design. However, you certainly will not want to drop your luxury shiny device and leave some scratches on it. In this article, to help you find out the most high-end and applicable case, an exact and reliable list of 10 best iPhone 11 pro max case is accommodated. Although iPhone 11 pro max is slightly taller and wider than its predecessors, a series of cases have been launched to meet users’ demands. These phone cases can assist you not only in protecting your phone from shocking or falling but also with their marvelous appearances. Speaking clearly, most of them are durable, scratch-resistant and anti-slipping to offer comprehensive protection. Moreover, come in a variety of delicate colors and unique patterns, the case is truly an awesome costume for your phone. Due to these amazing features, please check the following products for appropriate cases that absolutely satisfy your requirements.

10. OULUOQI Compatible with iPhone 11 Case 2020, Shockproof Clear Case

iPhone 11 pro Cases

In reality, the iPhone 11 Pro Max features four unique colors. Thus, it would be a pity if you hide these amazing designs with normal cases. In this case, a crystal transparent clear case is the best selection. Come with a basic design, this OULUOQI iPhone 11 case is extremely great for those who want something simple, delicate that still protects their precious phones. Thanks to compact and thin design, this case can perfectly fit the phone from the charging port to related cables and even support wireless charging. Particularly, to prevent your phone from slipping and make it easy to store in your pocket, a soft TPU bumper and a hard PC back shield are provided too. This case specially offers a reasonable price while keeping reliable quality, so it is a must-have item for your phone

The transparent clear case keeps original phone color and design
Screen protector is provided
Include shock-absorption design in 4 corners
Lightweight and fit the phone perfectly
The case does not cover the edges of the phone face

09. OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone 11 – ASPEN GLEAM

iPhone 11 pro Cases

Are you confused when choosing between a durable, protective case and a fashionable one? Don’t worry, OtterBox SYMMETRY case assuredly provides your iPhone 11 with a unique appearance. Cases from this brand are distinctive from others in terms of its fashionable and elegant design which still brings maximum protection. When experiencing this product, you’ll definitely recognize that these case almost fits your iPhone like a glove as its sleek, thin and stylish design. The case’s surface, thanks to non-slip material, always prevent your phone from falling suddenly. In order to protect your precious touch screen, a special raised beveled edge is included. Furthermore, the OtterBox SYMMETRY case features up to 12 different colors and patterns that allow users to choose according to their preferences. Besides the strong points of design, scratch resistance and shock absorption are also notable highlights of this product.

Feature up to 12 colors for free choice
Completely compatible with iPhone 11
Include raised beveled edge protecting the screen
Protective and stylish at the same time
Quite more expensive than similar products

08. YOUMAKER Crystal Clear Stylish iPhone 11 Case Anti-Scratch and Shock Absorption

iPhone 11 pro Cases

If you are searching for a durable and fashionable device to protect your luxury investment, YOUMAKER crystal clear case for iPhone 11 will extremely worth your purchase. Made of prime quality, this product also features firmly durable TPU and acrylic with raised =protection bumper as well as 4 cushions at the corner. At first sight, we maybe think that these are completely transparent cases. However, the manufacturer especially adds up to 10 elegant colors at the buttons and trim around the camera. For iPhone 11, a YOUMAKER clear case is the greatest choice as it can bright the original color and design of the latest phone. Although fitting the phone tightly, it also includes gaps that let you easily access all your buttons and ports. In short, don’t hesitate to buy this affordable and high – quality case.

Equipped with raised lips for camera and screen protection
Cushions at four corner for maximum protection
High-quality screen protector is included
Affordable price while offering prominent features
Not interfere with wireless charging

07. Mkeke Clear Compatible iPhone 11 Case 6.1 Inch

iPhone 11 pro Cases

Transparent, slim, pocket-friendly are the features that make the Mkeke iPhone 11 case stand out among different brands in the same class. Come to its design, the clear case is never outdated as it shows the original colors as well as brands of the phone. Moreover, a textured surface on this case makes it the ideal choice for anyone who worried about dropping a phone and leaving unexpected scratches on it. In addition to protecting your phone securely, it also possesses cutouts that allow you to access all the important functions you need. The Mkeke iPhone 11 case is a cross between sturdy yet softness and a firm grip on your hands. More importantly, this Premium case not only protects your beloved iPhone but it also allows for interfering with wireless for more convenience.

TPU + Hard PC and the scratch-resistant ability for stronger protection
Flawless and transparent material for keeping the original design
Precise cutout fits all buttons, camera, speakers, and port
Support wireless charging
Not reach up the sides and has a tiny lip to the front screen

06. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Case (2019)

iPhone 11 pro Cases

Do you want a phone case that can not only protect your iPhone very well but also has high fashion design, don’t hesitate to choose this product from Spigen. They provide a case with a black matte color that is completely trendy and will not be out of date in the next few years. It has a slim design so that it fits perfectly your iPhone 11 pro max and do not make your phone become thicker. The high-quality TPU bumper helps it not to be too slippery and easier to grip. Moreover, this case has a camera guard in order to increase its protective function. When applying this case on, you don’t have to worry about your phone being injured or prevent your phone’s back and screen from being cracked.

Trendy and fashionable color
Include camera defense
Easy to remove and reapply
The side button is easy to press
Can become dirty very easily

05. Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Case (2019)

iPhone 11 pro Cases

Spigen is making its extra protection cases for your new iPhone 11 pro max. Cases go on easily and fit your iPhone perfectly. Combined between TPU bumper and polycarbonate, this case is guaranteed to give you a super defense and protect your phone from being damaged by accidentally dropping. It also has a camera defense so that your camera will not be scratched when it is laid on tough surfaces. This case comes with an anti-shock protection system in order to enhance its defensive ability. One more feature that makes this case appear in the top 10 best cases is that the smart design. It is easy to remove as well as reapply the case if you need it. Moreover, a pop socket on this case becomes helpful when watching videos. This case seems not to get handsprings easily.

Made of TPU and polycarbonate
Have an anti-shock protection system
Contain a pop socket for quick and easy viewing
Provide all-around protection
Make the phone become a bit heavy

04. Miracase Liquid Full Protection Silicone Case

iPhone 11 pro Cases

Miracase’s cases are popular for its high-quality function as well as fashionable design. Comparing to different cases from other branches, this one comes with a simple design with many up-to-to-the-minute colors that everyone is going to love it even though you are adults or kids. More importantly, different from others, it made of durable liquid silicone that can last for a long time using and the color will not be faded after years. In addition, silicone helps cases prevent fingerprints. The material is not slippery and smoother when using. With this product, you don’t need to worry about your phone being fell down from your pocket anymore. To sum up, you can have a good phone case with an affordable price if you choose this one from Miracase.

Made of sturdy liquid silicone
Come with a 360-day warranty
Have many different trendy colors that both men and women will be crazy about
Easy to wash
A bit thicker than usual

03. Penom Compatible with iPhone 11 Case-iPhone 11 pro Cases

iPhone 11 pro Cases

If you’re on the way to purchase a clear case for your new iPhone 11, Penom can be considered as a good choice at a suitable price. It is made of TPU bumper that helps the case become soft, softer and

also more durable. Your first impression when you use it is how nice the TPU case shows in your hand. The case is designed with crystal clear color without any haze to keep the original look for your phone. Similar to any other TPU case, you may be worried about fingerprints on them. However, surprisingly it will not attract a lot of dirt and fingerprints as you imagine. Even though when it does, you can wash it off easily with tissue or towel. Overall, this is a good case that you should consider.

Clear color to keep the phone stay in original looks
Shape corner to anti-shock
Not to influence when charging
Lightweight and slim
Not fit to the side of the front screen

02. OTBBA Full Body iPhone 11 Case – iPhone 11 pro Cases

iPhone 11 pro Cases

You will be in love with this awesome and innovative case when choosing OTBBA iPhone 11 case. It is very useful and truly provides you peace of mind. It is guaranteed to protect your phone on all sides. Not only does it provide you as a defender when your phone falls or slips but it also distributes great screen protection. With the new and developed design, it contains a durable shockproof and scratch proof to protect your phone more effectively. Moreover, with its design, it will be smooth and easy to slide into your pocket as well. This is a very high-quality case and can fit perfectly into it which really makes you satisfied with your decision. This one is highly recommended for any iPhone user because you will never have to face your phone being falling and cracking.

Beautiful and suitable design for men
Durable anti-shock system
Rubberized side to prevent slipping
Extra glass screen protector to protect the front side
A bit hard to take it off

01. BELONGME Compatible with iPhone 11 Case 2020 – iPhone 11 pro Cases

iPhone 11 pro Cases

With the iPhone case from Belong me, you can’t find anything wrong with it. The design seems to be better than most of the clear cases you have ever seen in the past because of the cushion corner. It helps the case fit perfectly to your branch-new iPhone 11 pro max. Furthermore, the cushion enhances its protection by providing a shock-minimizing system and also keeps your phone and camera from being scratched. One more feature you may like is that the side buttons function works perfectly. In this set, it even includes two extra glass screen protectors that help increase its protective function as well as express a sensitive and lively feeling when using. So, with a suitable price along with the high ranking, it is too good to think of.

Thin and lightweight so that it saves the phone lively feelings.
Contain shock-minimizing corner cushions
Include 2 bonus glass screen protectors
Come with 18 months support
A bit hard to take it off


The iPhone 11 Pro is not a cheap investment and it would be more expensive if you purchase the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Therefore, it is certainly necessary to equip your precious phone with a reliable and fashionable case. Hopefully, the list of 10 best cases will make your shopping decision easier. Make sure to consider your needs and preferences to make the right choice.

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