Top 10 Best IPhone 11 Pro Max Car Mount Review 2020

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Have you even got lost on your holiday trip? Have you ever thought of using GPS or texting to someone when driving? You thought that it would be dangerous when driving with only one hand. So, a car phone holder is what you need to solve this problem. If you have a cell phone and you need to use it while driving, a phone mount allows you to keep your eyes on the road, without blocking your view or fearing that your phone will fall. A phone holder can stick in your car air vents and also can adjust flexibly to provide customers the best driving experiences. However, one question will appear in your mind is that how to find a high-quality phone holder at an affordable price. In this article below, you can find out the top 10 best car phone mounts for iPhone 11 pro max.

10. AUKEY Car Cell Phone Mount Air Vent-IPhone 11 Pro Max Car Mount

IPhone 11 Pro Max

If you are looking for a small phone mount that you can use in your car while driving, this is an excellent choice from Aukey. It is very easy to use and assemble as well as it is easy to insert into the car vent within only one second. This phone holder has a 360-degree rotation design so that you can move your phone up and down, side to side quickly to use the phone more effective while driving. Made of high-quality material, it is guaranteed to be durable and also it can stick very well on any car air vent. Even when you bump on the road, your phone will stay the same and will not fall out. So, it helps save your phone from being dropping. Moreover, the material also makes its appearance more expensive. It does not feel cheap.

Easy to use or remove
Have 360-degree rotation design
Modifiable fit to attach to any car air vents
High-quality material
Phone can become hotter when you turn the heat on

09. Andobil Car Phone Mount Easy Clamp Cradle Hands-Free

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Andobil provides a phone holder that can be seen as one of the best car mount holds and secures your iPhone while you are driving. Coming with two rotational mechanisms, this phone holder can be securely attached to any surface, any kinds of car air vents even though they are rough or smooth surfaces. With an anti-slip rubber pad, it helps your phone become more secure. You don’t need to worry about accidentally dropping your phone even when you are on the bumpy roads so that it will not interrupt you when driving. One more feature that makes you are going to be in love with this product is the quick release button technology. Comparing to other products, the stand at the bottom definitely makes a difference. It is used to hold the phone better and easier than any others.

Fit with any kinds of phone from 4 inches to 6.5 inches
Have an anti-slip pad to keep your phone
Smart design with quick release button technology
More secure with two rotational mechanisms.
Block the air a bit

08. Maxboost Car Phone Mount DuraHold Series iPhone 11 Pro Max

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Maxboost is a high-quality branch for phone’s accessories with affordable price and phone holder is one of their most popular products. Maxboost provides a good phone mount with a year warranty. So if you find anything wrong with your phone holder, you can contact Maxboost for help. This product is believed to be easy for anyone to use even the elder. It is simple to set up without any tools. It features with two-lock locking mechanism to protect your phone more effective. There are adjustments to move the phone up, down, and forward. The mount is stuck on a ball so there is a wide range of motion. Maxboost ensures to give you the best experience when driving and using GPS at the same time.

Comes with one year warranty
Easy to assemble  without any tools
Provide super secure with two-lock locking mechanism
Have an ultra-strong suction cup
Can expose the sunlight because of the plastic

07. Universal Car Phone Mount VICSEED Car Dashboard Windshield Air Vent

IPhone 11 Pro Max

VICSEED is also ranked in the top 10 best car phone holders because of its amazing product. This phone mount is a must-have item if you want to minimize misfortune when you drive. It has multiple points for adjustments so that you can move your phone up or down, forward or back as you need. Moreover, it also has 2 adjustable padded clasps on the side, which help you keep your phone safer as well as remove it easier with only one hand needed. It comes with a 360 degrees ball joint and the adjustable telescopic arm helps you adjust your phone more flexible. With this product, you can use your phone vertically or horizontally as you want. It can expand your driving experience into a new level.

Multiple functions in one product
Feature extra strong suction cup
Adjustable holder to remove phone more convenient
Come with a shock-absorbing technology
Available with one color only

06. Car Cup Holder Phone Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder

IPhone 11 Pro Max

For those who spend much time in the car to travel for work, owning a cup holder phone mount is a wise decision. TOPGO adjustable automobile cup holder can assure your safe driving whether you are listening to music, navigating, talking on the phone or charging. Regardless of whether your vehicle is a car, SUV or truck, this adjustable phone mount can fit your cup holder firmly and perfectly. Especially, it is also designed with convenient holder legs and one-button release sidearms for the best protection. Besides these outstanding features, durability is another remarkable point of TOPGO phone mount as it is made from heavy base plastic. This strength absolutely makes it more innovative than a traditional phone holder.

Easy and quick installation
Made with strong, durable and stable material
Compatible with many kinds of phones in the market
Come with available 3 colors
Phone holder cannot fit the phone including a battery case

05. Universal VICSEED Car Phone Mount Holder-IPhone 11 Pro Max Car Mount

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Mount your phone firmly inside your car wherever you want with the assistance of VICSEED universal car phone mount. This is a 3 in 1 multiple functions product which can be mounted on windshield, dashboard or even air vent. Being built with PTFE material, this phone holder surely brings sustainable long-term experience for your different usage needs. Furthermore, it can suck up securely and durably thanks to the 2-step lock mechanism and the extreme stickiness suction cup. Particularly, with the help of a wide arm, this car phone holder can fit all types of smartphones without leaving any scratches on it. The adjustable telescopic arm and the 360 degrees ball joint also allow users to accommodate the phone to any angles they want to enjoy the greatest view on the way. This is certainly an essential assistant for Lyft or Uber drivers.

Include a shock-absorbing arm as well as silicone padded pads and back
Strong suction power with 2-step lock mechanism
Can be mounted on the windshield or air vent
365 days warranty is provided for each product
Phone holder cannot be mounted on the air vent completely

04. VICSEED Handsfree Cell Phone Car Mount-IPhone 11 Pro Max Car Mount

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Let your hands free while driving with the VICSEED phone mount. In detail, all you need is sliding the phone up instead of opening it each time. This design helps you get on or off your car easily and fast. In spite of possessing a variety of remarkable strengths such as adjustable viewing angle, universal compatibility or solid material, this phone holder can be installed within 4 simple steps. Moreover, its quadrilateral design can embrace your phone steadily while offers the best viewing angle without distracting your driving or causing any threat to your charging port. Also, it is a decorative item in your car as well due to the luxury and elegant design with two-color options.

Made of solid aluminum alloy and high toughness plastic
Maintaining a balanced viewing angle and avoiding tilt
Come with stable embracing design
Lightweight and durable
Not fit for circular vents

03. DesertWest Cell Phone Holder Dashboard Windshield Air Vent

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Have you ever wasted your time fumbling your phone inside your pocket or bag to answer a call, navigate or simply listen to music? This makes you annoyed or even causes unfortunate accidents while driving. Therefore, equip a DesertWest cell phone holder is the greatest solution. This product can be mounted completely to the air vent, windshield or dashboard without any tilt even if braking, turning or traveling on rough roads. Especially, you are free to install your phone holder according to your preference. To use it as a vent mount, assemble the air vent clip with the cradle. Otherwise, you can also combine the suction cup with the cradle to make it a windshield or dashboard mount. More importantly, the phone holder can fit perfectly the vent blades because of three different grip settings and four gear designs.

Compatible with most phones between 4″ and 7″
Contain adjustable ball joint for 360°rotation
Multiple angles for perfect views
Upgraded 3 in 1 car phone mount
Installation on the air vent is quite complex

02. VICSEED Cell Phone Holder Upgraded Gravity Car Phone Mount

IPhone 11 Pro Max

The next product is also from VICSEED brand, however, unlike the previous phone holder, this is an upgraded one. The foremost innovative feature is that it is a gravity phone holder. It means when you mount your phone into the cradle, it is lock right away as the holder bases on your phone weight. You just spend 1 second and ready for your journey. Then, to remove your phone, all you need to do is gabbing it at the top and lift. For more protection, trapezoid-structure clamps and shockproof rubber is equipped. These accompaniments save your phone from sliding, wobbling, and scratching caused by a sharp turn, quick stop or bad-conditions roads. In terms of the design aspect, this phone holder is also regarde as a stylish and luxury decorative item as it’s made of aluminum alloy with distinctive piano-black sheen.

Easy operation with stylish and luxury design
Stable vent clip design and rubber clamps
Include a slot to attach a charging cable
Being a gravity car phone holder
Not work with OtterBox or wallet case

01. AUKEY Car 360-Degree Rotation Dashboard Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Keep your beloved phone within reach while driving by using AUKEY Car Phone Mount. It is adaptable with most smartphones with 4-6.5 inches screens. Unlike other products, this phone mount is furnish by four strong magnets to hold your phone firmly on the dashboard. Also, you can be provide with an additional sticker that allows you to mount it wherever you want even in uneven or curved surfaces. Plus, a 360-degree ball joint as well as the adjustable arm are include to ensure the best viewing angles for users while driving. Setting this phone holder is also a simple work. You just need to follow 3 easy steps basing on the manufacturer’s instruction and then be ready for your voyage. Being make of magnet technology, this phone holder can bring maximum effects as it provides powerful holding ability and absorbing magnetic instability.

Provide additional sticker base for uneven surfaces
Include strong magnetic attachment
Fixes firmly to a flat surface on the dashboard
The suction cup is reusable and washable
The design is quite bulky and not fashionable


There are many factors to consider when thinking of a new car phone holder since it plays an essential role in enhancing your driving experience. With a phone mount, now you no longer worry about dropping or falling your phone when going on the bumpy roads. So which car phone holder mentioned in this article that you consider?