Top 10 Best IPhone 6S Bike Mounts in 2019 Reviews

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Today we have our smartphones with us everywhere, and regardless of what we do we are attach to mobile devices. For iPhone owners, there are a number of bike mounts you can choose from for your new IPhone 6S Bike Mounts model. These are a few of the top options in terms of design, sturdy/rugged exterior, and user reviews.

10. Onyx EasyGrip in Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

Its a universal mount which attaches directly to your bike’s handlebar for ease of access and clear visibility. It can be fully adjust 360 degrees, and you can choose from landscape or portrait mode when mounting it. It features an elastic band which goes around the phone to secure it in place so it should never fall out regardless of the terrain you ride on.

9. MFEEL Mount Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

The bike mount holder attaches to your handlebar and features an anti-skid design so your phone never slides or moves. It has a full 360 degree rotation capability, and a side button allows you to regulate the width and depth, to properly secure your new 6S phone. A cupule and fast release button also provides ease of access to answer calls, text, or otherwise use the phone.

8. Gear Beast Mount Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

This universal mount is design for bikes, strollers, scooters, or nearly any other device or transportation vehicle with a handlebar. It features a restraining tether for add security over rough terrain, adjustable arms open up to 3.25”, and it is equipped with 360 degree rotation. A foldable leg also allows you to mount it horizontally or vertically.

7. Oenbopo Mount Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

The universal mount can function with your iPhone 6S and features an easy to lock/unlock mechanism for quick and easy attachment. It is make of ABS and TPU so it protects the phone from scratches. And features anti-skid bumpers to keep your phone in place at all times. The adjustable width side bars also allow you to secure your phone tightly for rough or bumpy terrain rides.

6. Stalion Street Mount Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

This 360 degree rotating mount has an adjustable clamp. You can move the mount to the most comfortable position on your bike. It is shock proof, waterproof, and features a vertical or horizontal mount position feature, so you can easily access all phone features from your bike. A rugged outer shell will protect your phone, and help stabilize it in place on bumpy roads.

5. Anker Mount Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

This universal mount features adjustable side grips so you can secure your 6S in place; this along with tight gripping corners and back guarantees your phone is secure on all road conditions. It has versatile 360 degree rotation and can be set up on vertical or horizontal view modes. Elastic band protection helps further stabilize the phone to protect it on rough terrains.

4. Gear BeastReviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

The mount has a universal grip which can be placed over any bike handlebar. It comes with a zipper protective case so it is fully weather proof, shock proof, and can resist all tough outdoor conditions. A heavy duty, turn-lock knob guarantees your phone is fully secure once placed on the handlebar. So it won’t fall, slip, or otherwise move during your ride.

3. Gulaki Bike Mount Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

This bike mount features a wide grip design to accommodate your larger IPhone 6S Bike Mounts. The super grip durable rubber exterior not only stabilizes the phone. But helps when going over sharp turns or rough terrain. It is shock absorbent, and fully clamps to your handlebar without any adhesives.

2. Tigra Bike Mounth Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

Designed for iPhone 6S owners, the ultra light and super slim clasp. It can be place anywhere on your bike’s handlebar for ease of accessibility. Its include a rain guard, it mounts in seconds. This bracket clamp is fully lock test to resist movement over rough roads and terrain as well. It has openings so you can fully access your phone, all ports, and all buttons while riding.

1. Roam Co-Pilot Reviews – IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

IPhone 6S Bike Mounts

This device features a full 360 rotation mount, and allows you to set up your phone in vertical or horizontal position. The premium plastic mount will ensure optimal stability and avoid chips, cracks or other damage. Especially if you ride on rough and bumpy terrain. A side silicone net provides added stability and protection and gives you full access to all buttons. So you can freely use all phone features during your ride.

Regardless of where you ride or what the weather conditions are like, a bike mount allows you to free up your hands, while still having full access to your iPhone 6S. These are some of the top models to consider if you want a rugged exterior, which can withstand tough terrain, turns, and quick paced riding, for even the most avid bike riders.