Top 10 Best Kids Bicycles and Children of all ages in 2020 Review

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Learning to ride is something every kids bicycles and children of all ages should experience. An ideal kid’s bike should come with enough features to ensure safety and a seamless learning experience. The bike also needs to be built to last and not require repairs every now and then. If you are looking for a great bike for your child below is a comprehensive top 10 best kids bicycles review. The review features the best kid’s bikes you can get in the market and some of the outstanding features that these bikes come with.

10. Paw Patrol 12 Inch Boys Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bike comes with all the right features to match young rider’s requirements. The kids bicycles has a quick release and comfortable seat and heavy duty training wheels for enhanced stability. It is basically a simple and high-quality bike perfect for small boys.

9. Vilano Children’s Balance Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This is a simple bike design to help kids with balancing before they transition to pedal bikes. The seat and handlebars can be adjust to fit most if not all young children. The kids bicycles also comes with a bell and is generally very easy to use and assemble.

8. Power Rangers Boy’s 16Inch Mega Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bike comes with Power Ranger graphics and deluxe paint. The frame is considerably sturdy and the bike comes with front caliper brake and coaster brakes. This is also one of the cheapest kid’s bikes in the market today.

7. Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl’s Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bikes frame is cover using long-lasting deluxe paint in girly colors. The bike is easy to assemble and is design to ensure young girls are comfortable and safe on the wheels.

6. Critical Cycles No- Pedal balance bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bike comes in a simple yet safe design perfect for kids between 20 months and five years. The kids bicycles comes with air free tires so you never have to worry about flat tires and is generally maintenance free.

5. Thomas the Train 8514-97TJ Boys Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This boy’s bike comes in red, black and blue. The bike comes with Thomas graphics and Thomas sound feature on the bike’s head tube. The bike is design for relatively young kids and comes with coaster brakes and training wheels. It is generally a great bike for young boys.

4. Kent Full Tilt Boys Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bike comes with powerful brakes, a steel body, and 20-inch wheels. The bike has a comfortable seat and is light in weight which makes it ideal for children between 7 and 9 years. The seat height can be adjust depending on the height and size of your child. Just like other kids bicycles by Kent this bike is design to last and ensure your child is relatively safe on the road. It is also reasonably price and is a great choice if you are working with a tight budget.

3. Titan Girls Flower Princess 16 inch BMX bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bike comes with all the features that every little girl dreams of. The kids bicycles comes with a basket, a doll seat and training wheels. The white a pink frame and the multicolored seat makes this one of the best-looking bikes you can get for your little girl. Other notable features include handlebar pads designed for enhanced protection and a comfortable seat.

2. Diamond Back Mini Viper Bicycle – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles

This bike is perfect for the little ones for a number of reasons. One is the fact that it comes with a heavy duty steel frame designed to last. The bike also has 28H alloy rims and a junior padded seat for enhanced comfort and performance. Even better, this bike comes with training wheels just in case you child is not so comfortable on the road.

1.Kent Super 20 Boys Bike – Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles


This kids bicycles comes with a durable steel frame and practical 20-inch wheels. To make it more suitable for outdoor use the bike also has both front and back suspensions. Other notable features include a quick release clamp and a comfortable seat. This bike is ideal for children above the age of seven.

Bike wheels and frame are design to suit kids in different age groups. Generally, bikes design for smaller children come with smaller wheels and frame while those of older kids are much bigger. Be careful when buying and ensure that you get an age appropriate bike that your child will enjoy using. When it comes to the right brand the above top 10 best kid’s bicycles is a good place to start. The list consists of only the best kid’s bikes and you are guarantee of excellent quality and performance with any of the above bikes.