Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras In 2019 Reviews

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One gadget, which is becoming more and more popular among cyclists, whether. They are commuters traveling from and to work or are serious mountain bikers, is a helmet camera. People prefer clipping these lightweight cameras for training, to stay safe or to have fun. No matter what your reason is, the below given list of top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras in 2018, will help you find the best one for your needs.

10. GoPro HD Motorsports Hero – Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is a professional grade HD video camera that provides perfect slow motion playback. You will easily be able to playback and edit videos with Windows movie maker or iMovie. The camera offers sharpest lens capture, and comes with easy to apply mounts that you can attach to any helmet, TV, car, Jet Ski or any other vehicle.

9. Pyrus Full HD Mini Sports Camera – Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is a very small-sized ultra wide angle camera with high resolution of 120 degree, which allows you to capture multi-angle videos. It has a 1/4 inch high quality low noise photosensitive element, which allows you to capture videos even in dark conditions, very easily. Owing to its waterproof design. You can easily take videos even in extreme conditions.

8. Original SJCAM SJ4000 WIFI Action – Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This SJCAM WiFi camera has 9000 MAH battery, which makes it easy for you to video record for 70 minutes. The video cam has great stability and strength, just like the other cameras of this brand. It is waterproof, WiFi enabled, allows motion detection and cycle recording. It has a water-resistant coating that also allows you to take water sports videos.

7. PowerLead Mini Sports Camera 1080P – Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is an amazing video cam with long working time of about 2.5 hours. It has great video resolution and supports high capacity TF card. Its 120-degree ultra wide angle and small size is a perfect combination, which can help motorcyclists capture videos in any occasion and in various angles. Since it is light in weight. You can easily attach it to your helmet, without facing any difficulty.

6. Sound Around GDV785OR HD Video Recording Gear

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is a HD action cam that has been create to help you capture perfect videos. It is video image stabilization reduces unwant distortion. When you capture videos while cycling or driving on bumpy roads. You can easily strap it to your helmet and get set to record the action.

5. Orbo NR22 Extreme Sports Action Camera – Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This extreme waterproof camcorder by Orbo is perfect. For any sports including biking, hiking, swimming, climbing, diving and so on. It has 2-inch LCD display, 4X digital zoom and captures 720p full HD videos. It comes with a waterproof case and several mounts, including a helmet mount.

4. Evoplus Mirage 60m Waterproof Underwater Camcorder

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is a high quality video camera with strong image color arrangement. And image edge of the videos is also crisp and sharp. It helps display vivid and natural colors, and has great setting options for ISO, contrast and metering adjustment, to provide you perfect image quality. Its 135-degree wide-angle video and 170-degree wide-angle image ensures perfect results.

3. SVP AC500E the Cool and Stylish Waterproof Audio and Video

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is a stylish looking high performance waterproof camera that can be attach to any helmet, ski, motorcycle, surf, skydive etc. Its 120-degree fixed focus lens and 5.0 mega pixels sports sensor helps you capture perfect images and videos.

2. Drift Innovation HD Ghost Camera Camcorder

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

This is a great camera with two-way LED remote control, which comes with off/on indicator light, video tagging/recording capabilities in loop mode, and a 2-inch LCD screen. This camera comes with everything sports enthusiasts will need to capture perfect videos.  up, navigate, and use.

1. Polaroid XS100 Extreme – Motorcycle Helmet Cameras


Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Its durability, quality, and functions surpass the other professional cameras that you can get in the market. Some of the interest features. It has including adjustable frame rate.

These are the 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras that you can choose from.