Top 10 Best Shower Heads in 2018 Reviews

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For most of us an awesome shower after a long day at work is like a safe haven. It comes with homely feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation and this is why having the very best shower head to suit your needs is an investment worth making.
2018 has seen a revolution when it comes to shower heads. As the years go by the models only get better. There is a variety to choose from, but there are those shower heads that have stood out in 2018. Here are the top 10 best shower heads in 2018.

10. Zen Fresh Filtration Shower Heads

Shower Heads

From the name, you can almost tell what to expect. It is made of plastic and guarantees a spa-like experience. It is affordable and easy to install. The high pressures from the shower head make your every shower not only enjoyable, but something that you look forward to. The Zen Fresh Filtration shower head is made of plastic and for this reason you can be sure it will always be rust- free. Its filters purify the water and this safeguards your skin against any impurities.

9. A- Flow Luxury Shower Heads

Shower Heads

This shower head offers comfort and luxury while at the same time being an affordable option. Offers powerful water pressure and one of its best features is the fact that it offers three multidirectional water jets. It is compartable with all types of shower plumbing. It is easy to install since you need no tools to do so. Its chrome finish gives it a touch of style.

8. Water Pik Ast 233C Aquascape – Shower Heads
Shower Heads

When you need a drenching shower, this particular shower head can offer you just that. Has different independent directed nozzles that give a rain shower style and a wider spray coverage. It comes with a toggle switch that makes it easier to change the kind of spray. With more flow that the standard shower head, you can enjoy a total body spray or a power spray at the comforts of your own home.

7. Moen 26017 2.5 GPM Rain Shower – Shower Heads

Shower Heads

This 9 inch showerhead offers increased water coverage by up to. With a flow of 2.5 gallons per minute you can and an allowable 3600 rotation of the head, you can rest assured you will enjoy every minute of your shower.

6. AKDY (Tm) Bathroom Chrome Shower Head – Shower Heads

Shower Heads

This shower head comes in a chrome finish and with a plastic insertion. Its square shape and the rain shower style make it a very stylish piece for any home. Depending on your own convenience. You have the pleasure of adjusting the pressure from medium to low and also change the angle of the shower head.

5. Thunderhead Rain Showerhead – Shower Heads

Shower Heads

This affordable, white coated luxurious shower head is one of the very best that 2018 has to offer. With a large diameter and increased spray power it is perfect for a rain style shower. It is never clogs and this guarantees stress-free maintenance.

4. Speakman S-2005 Showerhead – Shower Heads

Shower Heads

With 50 individual jet streams you can be sure that the pressures from this shower head are excellent. The pulsating mode of the showerhead gives a massage feeling. This low maintenance shower head is perfect for a busy lifestyle since it comes with self cleaning nozzles. The chrome and polycarbonate finish make it a very worthy alternative for any home.

3. Culligan WSH – C125 Wall mount Showerhead – Shower Heads

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The Culligan Wall mount shower head has made its way into this year’s top 3 showerheads due to its awesome features. Its powerful filtration system makes it free of any chemicals leaving your skin softer and cleaner. Its 5-spray setting to suit your moods and to give you a massage like feeling makes it simply perfect. Needs no tools for installation and its anti clog rubber makes it easy to maintain.

2. Niagra Earth Massage Handheld Shower head – Shower Heads

Shower Heads

This shower head is good for water conservation measures. It comes with a 72-inch hose and a mounting bracket. The forceful but gentle flow of water is quite appealing and surprisingly economical since you save up to  of all the water use by standard heads. This self-cleaning and maintenance free shower head is a great option for any household.

1. H2O Vibe Rain Showerhead – Shower Heads

Shower Heads

There is no better way to enjoy showering than by singing along to your favorite tunes. The H2O vibe rain shower head has a lot more to offer that just three times more spray power or a powerful jet. It comes with a detachable showered speaker and dual microphone to allow you to answer calls as you shower. This Bluetooth enabled showerhead allows you to listen to your favorite tune as you shower. Surprisingly, it is very affordable and you can be sure every shower will be memorable with 2018’s best shower head.
There you have it. These ten shower heads have emerged as a force to reckon with in 2018. You now know where to start of you are looking for the very best this year.