Top 10 Best Sunscreens for Baby Reviews in 2019

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If you have been looking for the safe and effective sunscreens for baby. And the countless options on the market have left you more confused, reading this article will leave you more informed than ever before. Of course your baby—six months and more—needs protection from the sun’s rays that may be hazardous to their delicate skin, and that protection should be safe for the baby. As such, here are the top 10 best sunscreens for babies in 2018 reviews. They have been approve by pediatricians to be safe and effective. Read on.

10. Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50

Sunscreens for Baby

Here’s another great sunscreen formulation containing no chemicals, and it protects your baby’s skin for a long five hours. Its small tubes are perfect for daytime trips to the sunny beaches and/or swimming pool.

9. Nature’s Gate Mineral Kids Block – Sunscreens for Baby

Sunscreens for Baby

This is another favorably rate sunscreen for babies and it comes with a very attractive price tag. It contains organic oil, and it’s very easy to massage it upon a baby’s skin. It easily permeates the baby’s skin, making it smooth and silky soft. Its broad spectrum provides protection against both UVB and UVA rays. To mothers’ joy, it’s reasonably priced.

8. Dr. Robin for Kids All-Natural Chemical-Free Children’s Sunscreen

Sunscreens for Baby

This kids’ sunscreen contains all natural ingredients such as quinoa. And oats that are great in hydrating you baby’s skin so that it stays supple and soft. Its fast-drying formula guards the toddler’s skin against any harmful sun rays. Again, it’s water resistant and doesn’t run into the infant’s eyes—one of the finest sunscreens for tots.

7. Coppertone Waterbaby Foam Lotion – Sunscreens for Baby

Sunscreens for Baby

This fun foam sunscreen is quickly and easily absorbable into your baby’s skin. it has a zinc oxide which is a great sun-blocking mineral for ideal protection to the baby’s delicate skin from harmful harsh sun rays. It is free from any fragrance, dye, or oils.

6. Neutrogena SPF 70 Plus Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum

Sunscreens for Baby

A common product in many drugstores, this sunscreen adheres to wet skins without dripping. It has great ingredients such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which protect the baby from the harmful sun rays. It’s a waterproof, non-greasy, sweat-proof, and hypoallergenic product. It has a 70+ SPF—awesome, isn’t it?

5. Babytime by Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF35

Sunscreens for Baby

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen is fast becoming a top favorite with new mommies and their kids too. It’s a great choice before you splash into the pool or the beach since it’s water resistant. Moreover, this is a mineral based sunscreen product that is ideal in protecting babies’ delicate skins. It further has moisturizing properties that help in keeping the baby’s skin safe, healthy, and soft.

4. Badger All Natural Sunscreen – Sunscreens for Baby

Sunscreens for Baby

This is another top rate baby’s natural sunscreen containing beeswax and organic oils. And hey, your baby will be thrilled to see adorable squirrel print on the tube of this sunscreen moreover, it has in it no artificial fragrances. This lotion stays waterproof to nearly 40 minutes after application.

3. Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen – Sunscreens for Baby

Sunscreens for Baby

If you fear about the chemicals that may be in the OTC sunscreens, opt for the Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen—it’s a safe choice. This sunscreen contains Ale Vera, Vitamin E, and Jojoba oil that in concert nourish the baby’s soft skin in a very gratifying way. It has high SPF rating, so you do not have to fret. If you notice white streaks on the baby’s legs and/or arms.

2. ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen – Sunscreens for Baby

Sunscreens for Baby

The truth of the matter is that you hardly can get better than this chemical-free, fragrance-free, as well as water resistant sunscreen. That excellently works for your baby’s skin. Moreover, if yours is the kind of babies whose skins are extra sensitive. This product is a top choice.

1. Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Sunblock Stick SPF 50

Sunscreens for Baby

This is a top rate sunscreen for babies. It contains titanium oxide and zinc oxide, two minerals that effectively help block sun rays from hurting the baby’s skin. Although a sunscreen lotion might be the best way of covering your baby’s full body. A sunscreen stick makes reapplying sunscreen on the go very much easier. As such, if you discover that your baby has been sun-hit for too long, just swipe this wonderful natural sunscreen to perfectly protect his or her skin.

To conclude, the above review sunscreens are safe and gentle for the toddlers. As such, to keep you baby with a perfectly healthy skin, make certain to apply sunscreen on their skin at least twenty minutes prior to taking them out for a stroll. Again, you ought to reapply after each two hours to have a safe and great day outing with the baby. Stay remind that sunscreen alone won’t be a panacea to your baby’s skin try to keep your baby under shade when the sun is so hot—mainly from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.