Top 9 Best Dog Pens in 2020 Reviews

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A great playpen makes a happy dog. But how do you get to select the best dog pens from all the hundreds of options available on the market? Well, I have a way out for you that will save you lots of time searching the internet. I have taken the liberty of doing the digging myself to come up with top of the line playpens that are worth every penny spend. In this article, I’m going to review the top 9 best dog pens that have given the most satisfaction to customers around the world.

9. Fabulous Pet Water Resistant Portable Playpen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

If you want to go fancy in the world of playpens, then consider this pink and purple pen. It is a fabulous choice that boasts of waterproof fabric equipped with upgraded zippers. The mesh construction provides excellent ventilation to keep your pet in good health. The pen has an expandable design that creates a 37-inch diameter floor area. Its relatively small height of 16 inches makes it a perfect choice for those with limited space.

8. Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

This small playpen is an excellent choice for those that have a tight budget. The multi-colored design makes it visually appealing. As the name suggests. The pen has an 8-panel construction made from non-toxic materials. Each panel measures 13 x 9 inches. There is a 36-inch diameter of play area that gives your pet plenty of room to exercise. It is a great bargain for those that desire safety and elegance in a playpen.

7. IRIS 8 Panel Exercise Pet Pen with Door – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

Here is a great option for those that have some extra bucks to spend. Despite sporting a higher price tag, this pen provides great value that is worth every penny. Its provides the durability of commercial grade heavy-duty plastic that can be used virtually anywhere. There are 8 panels that form a perfect octagonal shape. The panels interlock for hassle-free assemble. A latch steel door comes in handy to provide maximum security. The pen has a floor area that is 63 inches in diameter. It measures 34 inches high.

6. Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

This playpen boasts of an improved design that makes it much easier to set up and transport. It has excellent rust-resistant properties that provide maximum durability. The pen can be use indoors and has the ability to cope with any weather element without compromising its structural integrity. It comes in an appealing octagonal shape that creates a 64-inch diameter floor. The pen is 24 inches high. It is a perfect choice for those that want the best in a pop-up kennel.

5. Best Choice Products Pet Puppy Dog Playpen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

Ease-of-portability is something that can make a playpen stand out. Best choice products took this into consideration by designing this top of the line pen that can be taken and use in any place of your choice. Its constructed with 600D heavy duty cloth that keeps everything dry on the inside. Breathable mesh fabric is include at the top and on the sides to allow maximum airflow. The pen has a zippered door for easy entry and exit. A pad is integrate on the floor to give your dog great comfort. This playpen has a diameter of 45 inches and measures 24 inches high.

4. ESK COLLECTION Blue 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

If you desire a perfect shelter in a playpen, then this unit is worth putting into consideration. Its enclosed with a 600D Oxford material that provides excellent waterproofing qualities. It sports a breathable mesh fabric that facilitates maximum airflow. The fabric is zipper to make every inch of the pen impenetrable. This playpen comes in an 8-panel construction that creates a 48-inch diameter floor.

3. IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

Here is a playpen that scores well both in elegance and functionality. Its made of tough heavy-duty plastic and has a steel door for maximum security. The plastic construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The pen consists of 4 panels that form a square area of 35 x 35 inches. It measures 23 inches high and provides the convenience of easy assemble. It is a nice playpen that will definitely blend well with any surrounding.

2. North States Superyard Colorplay 6 Panel Playard – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

Want the beauty of matching colors in a playpen? Well, this pen has 6 panels each having a different color that take its elegant looks to the limits. Its made entirely of plastic and forms a perfect hexagonal enclosure that has a floor area of 18.5 square feet. Base of the pen is fitt with non-slip pads meant to safeguard your hardwood floor from scratches. This play pen has a height of 26 inches. If you desire the elegance of matching colors in a playpen, then put it at the top of your list of options.

1. MidWest Exercise Pen – Dog Pens

Dog Pens

This playpen tops the chart for a reason. Its designed to transcend years, thanks to its durable construction. The pen has the strength of steel and is coate with black e-coat powder that provides lasting protection from scratches and weather elements. The pen is make up of 8 panels each measuring 24 x 24 inches. The panels create a total enclosed area of 16 square feet. Anchors are include at the bottom to secure it in position. It is truly a pen that makes for a happy dog.

These are my top selections in the world of dog pens. They top the chart in terms of safety, durability and functionality. These playpens receive lots of positive reviews from customers and I’m confident that they will meet your quality standards. Select your best choice and let your pet exercise some muscles!